It’s warming up out there…

Which means it’s time for ice cream!!!


This weekend it was warm enough to go for ice cream!  So we did just that.  We live in Alphabet City in Manhattan which borders the East Village and the Lower East Side.  There are quite a few fancy ice cream parlors nearby: Big Gay Ice Cream, Odd Fellows, Mikey Likes It, Il Laboratorio Del Gelato, and Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream.  This Spring/Summer I plan to give them all a taste test!  On Sunday we strolled over to Morgenstern’s which is at 2 Rivington St.  It felt so energizing to soak up some real vitamin D!  My husband lived in Southern California for years so he used to take it for granted but after the long cold winter we had this year, he’s really appreciating how energizing warm sunshine hitting your face can feel.

I love the vibe of Morgenstern’s Ice Cream shop it has an updated retro feel and friendly staff.  It’s all about the fun flavors!  As a couple we weren’t very adventurous because we both got the same flavor: Salted Caramel Pretzel, clearly neither one of us was interested in sharing!  Bradley got his in a cone and I went all out sundae style in a cup adding fudge sauce and whipping cream.

I have a strong feeling we will be back to try out more flavors!

Hoppy Easter

photo 2-2

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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I just made these 3 ingredient cookies and they are delicious.  I love how simple they were to make, so often I don’t bother baking because it feels too fussy.

photo 4-1

It is finally feeling like Spring here in New York, hurray!  To celebrate I picked up some tulips yesterday.  I love how flowers brighten up a home.

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Thanks to inspiration from a magazine while chilling on the beach in Cabo (more on that trip later this week) I decided to get a mint manicure.  Very Spring/Easter appropriate color.  While I enjoy winter, it is like a guest that ALWAYS overstays it’s welcome.  And Spring is like that friend who is ALWAYS late–come on already, let’s have some warmth and some buds on the trees it is, after all, April.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather had better manners?

Let’s travel to: Salzburg, Austria


“The hill’s are alive with the sound of music!”  Welcome to Salzburg, the land of “The Sound of Music.”  At the suggestion of my good friend, Lea, we could not leave Austria without a visit to Salzburg and taking a “Sound of Music Tour.”  It was cheesy and delightful and will always be a wonderful memory for both Bradley and me.  We knew nothing about Salzburg, so the tour was good for more than just living out childhood dreams and earning Bradley serious husband-of-the-year points.  The lake district outside of town is beautiful, we both decided if we’re ever back we will have to rent a car and explore much more.



After the tour we visited the castle, Fortress Hohensalzburg, which looms over the entire town.  The view was excellent.  Then it was time to reward ourselves for a busy day of sightseeing and enjoy a pint (or two) at the famous beer hall.  What a treat!  You grab a stein off the shelf, rinse it out, buy a ticket, get in line, and then a burly man pours you a fantastic beer out of a large barrel.  Bradley got to see him change the barrel, when he went to order round two, and he said it was quite the display of skill.  The hall was filled with older men who had their own personalized steins with impressive silver work and lids!


“This beer is as big as my head!”


Let’s travel to: The Austrian Alps


I was lucky enough to get to realize a big dream at the beginning of this year: to snowboard the Alps!  We decided to visit the Austrian Alps because they were more affordable than the resorts in Switzerland and France.  When I first started researching our trip I found it tricky to really get a gauge on what to expect, so we asked an Austrian friend for his recommendations.  We went to the Arlberg region and stayed in St. Anton (renowned for it’s apres ski scene!)  The Mooserwirt is off-the-chain by 4pm daily, and it’s not all the way at the bottom of the mountain, so when your done downing Jaeger bombs you’ve still got to slide into home base.


Our friend recommended we stay in Lech, the posh resort renowned for attracting royals, which was tempting…  But here’s the cool thing I discovered about the Arlberg region–it’s all connected–it is one HUGE ski area with multiple villages and you can ski in and out of all of them irregardless of where you choose to stay.  So it made more sense for us to stay in the party zone and visit the royals.



If you ever get the opportunity to ski the Austrian Alps–seize it!  One day we did the White Ring which is 22km of skiing that takes you up and over several mountains and towns.  Fortunately, the runs are all numbered so you don’t have to struggle with your German in order to figure out what run you want to be on next.


We stayed at the Banyan hotel, which was new and modern, served an amazing breakfast which was included in the room price (that how they roll in Europe), and had a wonderful pool and sauna (perfect after pounding your body on the slopes.)


Bundle Up Buttercup


My Aunt Jackie made me a beautiful scarf with hand dyed wool and buttons carved out of wood from a tree in my Grandmother’s old yard in Kitsilano Vancouver.  It is such a beautiful and personal piece I decided to put together a whole outfit and photoshoot around it.  I love that it is a cowl scarf, some of my coats work much better with it than they do with a large wrap around scarf.

I've had to layer my gloves with cuffs lately for extra warmth.

I’ve had to layer my gloves with cuffs lately for extra warmth.

Here you can see the scarf in all it's glory!

Here you can see the scarf in all it’s glory!

Roasted Mushroom Soup (No Cream)


I made this soup the other day and it was fantastic!  Furthermore, the roasted mushrooms themselves are now on rotation as a side dish for other meals in our house.  This is another recipe which extolls the virtues of cauliflower in cooking as a miracle substitute (remember the cauliflower Alfredo sauce!)

Cauliflower has rapidly become a mainstay in my kitchen!

Cauliflower has rapidly become a mainstay in my kitchen!

Mushrooms roasted with a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and rosemary!  Incredible!

Mushrooms roasted with a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and rosemary! Incredible!